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Suzhou JieHe Industrial Co., Ltd. congratulated the successful on-line!

Time:2016-06-20 Author:admin

Warm congratulations to the Czech Republic and Suzhou Industrial Co., Ltd.'s Web site on-line! Thanks for Jindo Shanghai Information Technology Co., Ltd. Support for our website, welcomed the new and old friends visit websites.

Suzhou Industrial Co., Ltd. and the Czech Republic, located in the beautiful Yangcheng Lake, the pearl of the township, covers an area of 12,000 square meters, the company has extensive experience in manufacturing rubber machinery by a group of strong and engineers work together, we have always uphold: Design Innovation , quality-oriented philosophy, and provide professional customized services for special specification requirements, to meet the actual needs of customers.

Start the quality of dignity, Czech Republic, and special attention to the production process of the details of each process are strictly committed to providing the highest quality products to customers. The main products: rubber injection, each plate hydraulic models, hydraulic vacuum, seal, cutting rubber, silicone-cut strips. McNair and meticulous service network at any time on your side, all-weather service hotline timely processing of your quality complaints and feedback, and to provide all other hydraulic machinery factory repair service and technical support, is absolutely rubber electronic components, auto parts, electrical conductivity rubber, oil seal, sports equipment, medical equipment and various types of containers and other manufacturers of the best choice.

Czech Republic, and will continue to follow the "technological innovation and development, implementation of brand strategy, the implementation of first-class service" approach and commitment and is willing to all my colleagues in sincere cooperation, create prosperity! Tomorrow the Czech Republic and the world with the rise of the power of service.

Our contact information is as follows:

Phone: 18913580082

Tel: 0512-65901000 0512-65903200


Address: Suzhou City Wei Town Fengyang 1666

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